How to Download

After you have clicked on the download link it should show you a page with surveys.2. Choose the given survey and complete it. Its extremely and most require you to register on a website or submit your email. These usually take 1-2 minutes but maximum of 5 minute.3. After you have filled out the survey your download should have unlocked IF you entered valid information. If the first survey did not work for you, try another one.
We have decided to protect all of our files with a gateway lock, meaning you have to fill out a short survey. Its free and takes a couple of minutes, so either you download it or you don’t. We hope that this new system does not limit the number of download to people who really want to use our files!That’s it! File Download! Simple!Not working? Try Another Survey and read the tips below.

Step 1: Clear cookies before filling out a survey Firefox
- Open Firefox on your computer. Click the Firefox button at the top of the windows and select History.-Click clear recent history. Change time range to clear everything- Check cookies and the clear now button
Internet Explorer
- Once your browser is open select the tolls menu and click internet options and select the general tab- To delete all cookies, in he browsing history section, click delete. Then check the box next to Cookies… -Check other boxes at your own discretion.-Click Delete
Google Chrome
- One browser is open Click Control + Shift + Delete (All at the same time)- Ensure that delete cookies is sleeted- Click clear browsing data

Step 2: Disable Pop-up Blockers
Internet Explorer- Click on tolls, internet option, privacy tab and make sure that pop-up blocker is NOT checked
Firefox- Click tools, option, content tab and make sure the first box is not checked

Step 3: Accepting Cookies
Internet Explorer- Click on tools, Internet option, privacy tab, make sure your cookies setting are set to accept all cookies
Firefox- Click tools, options, privacy tab and make sure you have both cookie boxes selected. If you don’t see them selected, make sure that the drop down under history is selected.

Step 4: Complete a Survey!
Go SLOW. Do not try to rush through surveys or cookies wont have time to track through properly. Most survey have time limits and if completed to quickly the download wont activate and they will not unlock the download. Use real information when completing the survey. Affiliates have sophisticated filters and eliminate Fake information and the download will not unlock. If you use real information you download will unlock on 100%. Confirm and confirmation emails sent to your email you used while completing the survey.Survey Unlocking tips:

Survey Downloads: Make sure to accept any optional toolbars or third party applications during the installation to unlock the page. Just downloading an application is not enough to get an unlock.
Surveys in general: Some surveys require more than one to be completed to unlock the page. Be sure to read the survey requirements on the offer page.
Survey trials: Make sure to fill out the trial with accurate information to unlock the page. Filling them out with bogus info will not result in an unlock.
For GUARANTEED UNLOCK, complete mobile offers that require you to type in pins, these run through the Verification process much faster!If you don’t want to type your personal data – try to use fake name generator:

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