Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pou Hack

Pou Hack

About pou

You are been able to take care favourite ? It feed, it bath him (it), it play and it entertain (play) with (from) them. It observe as it grows and next earns horizontal < level (horizon) > due to, it will unblock new wallpapers which (who) and apparels. How will take care you POU? It feed *, it take care and it look (look) as your grows Pou! It play games in hall of game * and it earn coins! It experiment with medicines in (to) laboratory *! It modify appearance * Pou! It try new apparels *, hats and spectacles! It fit wallpapers all of chambers (peace) *! It unblock achievements * and special objects! Visit * and play with familiar! We are always eager for listening to suggestion, in order to correct Pou and add new things! If you have some (certain) problem with game, it write for we e-mails, but we will help it ! )

1.Download and un zip and run
2.Select operation system
3.Select the amount of goods you want to add.
4.Press  Start hack
5.Wait 1/2 min.
6.Play game

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