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AirMech Cheats

AirMech Cheats 

About  AirMech
defend it skill mixture AirMech strzelanki and be strategy of real time spiritual inheritors 16 -bit classic (classics) titled konsolowego Herzog Zwei. There is debutant production of independent studio (study) Carbon Games.

However, people (people) are not amateurs set up (bet; found) main part of responsible group accepted (catched on) game working in it – firm too warm < warmth > Fat Princess. Basic principles of contests (matches) are simple wipe away on one in each map two groups of players three persons – ( maximum ). Just as acceptance of base is in typical our task RTS-ie and extension , but causing disruption of center next opponent vindication < prove >. However, we control one unit in contrary for majority strategy of real time completely only here – title AirMecha.

There is modern combat machine, which (who) is been able to transform in each moment from fighter in (to) mecha, or powerful robot (job) stepping. We can transmit (reschedule) other units in mode of aircraft, like tanks, wieżyczki strażnicze if (or) infantry. We issue basic orders all memorial < they (their) > only, it attack like „ ” if (or) it defend „ ”, but it realizes our errands next artificial intellectuals . We can not indicate final point manually neither force on concrete hostile < enemy > szarży.

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