Thursday, January 9, 2014

Subway Surfers hack

  Subway Surfers hack

About Surfers

 It playing you style of made excellently pursue run away (resort) Subway Surfers. Game is graphically and on musically obtained (polished up) maxa. We are boy about name at the beginning JAKE. He (it) is paint on trains small which (who) łobuzem grafiti. Suddenly < snap > inspector appears along with dog on hot here " " tackling we sokista Pitbullem uczynku. That (in order to) escape punishment or we take some (certain) for strip consequence leg and we run away as furthest along gauges from inspector. Range of barrier in time of escape in the form of trains mum < have >, wagons, signs etc. but that (in order to) there was different addition as plank on points for which (who) simply (easy) coins a bit assemble (collect; convene) buy. Things appear in time of game additional as it knapsack JETPACK-jest but we fly 2 canisters of paints which (who). We jump it in (to) which (who) magic shoes highly SUPER SNEAKERS-są. COIN MAGNET From all sides there is magnet which (who) attract coins chart - . 2X MULTIPLIER There is multiplier of point -. Game offers several forms for unblocking else and special packages of presentations (presents). Really, there is dignified errand Subway Surfers. And as it on such production hard enough and requiring big reflex escape. I advice.

1.Download and un zip and run
2.Select operation system
3.Select the amount of goods you want to add.
4.Press  Start hack
5.Wait 1/2 min.
6.Play game

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